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Equality Duty Statement

Equality Act 2010

Lowbrook Academy will abide by the provisions of the Equality Act 2010. It is committed to giving due regard to equal treatment and opportunity for all staff, pupils and members of the wider community. We do all that we can to eliminate discrimination and foster good relations amongst all connected with the school.

Lowbrook Academy is a broadly average sized primary school with 332 children compared to the national average of 245. Lowbrook was established in 1978 to service the Cox Green area in the outskirts of Maidenhead. The net capacity of the school is 300 pupils. This is a popular school that has more than doubled in size since 2005. The percentage of children known to be eligible for free school meals (FSM) is 2% which is well below the national average. This figure has decreased dramatically over the past 5 years from being broadly average. The percentage of pupils’ first language not believed to be English (16%). 60% of children are of a White British character and the remaining 40% are from a range of ethnic backgrounds; the largest group being 15% Indian. 53% of children are Christian or from a Christian denomination. 24% of children specify no religion or decline to disclose their religion. The school currently has no looked after children on its school roll. The percentage of children identified as having special educational needs and health plan being 1.  

While the school is situated in a ward which displays some social advantages and mostly private housing, 25% of children come from local authority housing or are classed as Acorn 1. The Foundation Stage profiles indicate that children enter school broadly in line with or slightly below national expectations.

Equality Objectives 2016 – 2017

To rigorously monitor progress of all groups to identify under performance and adjust provision to support progress. This objective is rigorously monitored by the School Leadership Team and the Full Governing Body.