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Recent and New Projects

The New Year 4 Classroom

This classroom, at the front of the school, was completed and occupied by Year 4 on the 4th September 2017.

Interactive Learning Environment Refurbishment Project

Following the hugely disappointing U-turn on the funding for our expansion last year, we now remain fully committed to ensuring that we maintain the highest of standards around the site and buildings we are fortunate to have.

This term, we aim to have fully redesigned the former temporary year 4 classroom into an innovative and multi-purpose Interactive Learning Environment for both the pupils and teaching staff to utilise throughout the school day. Furnishings include a boardroom style table for teachers and pupils to work at, a lounge style area, a high top bar for additional seating as well as artificial grass carpeting to mark out the reprographic area. 

As well as furnishing this Interactive Learning Environment, we also aim to refurbish the 6 classrooms in the 1978 part of the building with new lighting, carpets and re-painting of walls as necessary. This will be undertaken over a 3 year rolling programme, with the first two Year 3 classrooms hopefully being re-carpeted during the Christmas break. This will continue the following year with the two Year 2 classrooms being refurbished and the year after that the two Year 1 classrooms.