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How We Assess

Since the advent of the national curriculum, regular assessments have become a part of school life. Key Stage 1 SATs (Statutory Assessment Tests) are conducted at the end of Year 2 and Key Stage 2 SATs at the end of Year 6. These provide valuable information about the progress of the children individually and collectively.

Children are also regularly assessed throughout their school career using a range of tests, questionnaires and observations. The test results indicate to us how well children are learning and assist us with target setting and future planning.

Informal assessment of the children is an ongoing, daily routine and an intrinsic part of teaching.

Reporting To Parents/Carers

We are committed to fulfulling our statutory obligation in reporting to parents as we believe it is vitally important in developing positive relationships with parents. 

If you wish to talk to your childs teacher it would be preferable to arrange a mutually convenient time, but if you have a particularly urgent concern it may be possible to see your child's teacher or Mr Rooney at short notice. 

We hold parent consultations in the Autumn (Term 2) and Spring (Term 4) terms to discuss childrens progress and to set future aspirational targets. 

Written progress reports are completed in the summer (Term 6) term, on which you and your child can comment on if you wish.